Scott on the Opportunity of a Lifetime

promised for 3 lessons with Marcos Suzano a fantastic teacher in Brazil

When I made the decision 3 years ago to go to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, to study the pandeiro with master percussionist Marcos Suzano, I had no idea how it would unfold. Through a third party source I was promised 3 lessons with Suzano, who is a very high in demand percussionist as well as a instructor.

I was a little disappointed as my trip was planned to be there only 3 weeks, but just to be in the presence of my hero would be enough. On our first meeting Marcos greeted me with open arms and after a delicious coffee and snack we got to our first lesson. Suzano asked me to “just play” and as someone who had been practicing to his records and dedicated my time to studying the tradition as well as his modern approach, he was very impressed and offered for me to return everyday either for a lesson or a great hang over coffee. This person I held so high turned out to be a wonderful human being, a fantastic teacher, and a caring friend during my whole trip to Brazil.


Scott Senior loves his pandeiro so much that he’ll never leave it in the trunk of the car – it always rides with him up front.

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