Scott on Finding a Teacher in Havana

How did Scott find the perfect Cuban teacher?

So I’m in Havana, Cuba, studying, but I haven’t quite found that special teacher, the right teacher. Someone tells me that there’s this guy I need to study with called Yarodi (he plays with pianist Chucho Valdez). I said “Great, that sounds great! Where do I find him?” Turns out he’s a professor at the fine arts school, ISA (Institute for Superior Arts), in Playa. So I go to ISA just to meet this guy; it’s a huge, long bus ride and whatnot (I’m staying with this wonderful family on the other side of Havana in Marianao). So I go to meet Yarodi. Some students tell me that Yarodi is in the percussion room down the hall. So I go down the hall, open up the door, and there, sitting there playing congas, is one of my old friends from Vancouver, Myles Bigelow. He was also there studying, but I hadn’t seen him in years. We really just ran into each other while touring. At that moment, I knew that this was the place I needed to be. Soon after that, Myles introduced me to Yarodi, and Yarodi took me and basically pulled some strings to allow me to stay at the school, even though it was mid-semester. I was paying very little money to stay in the dorms, and got to be with my friend Myles and all his friends that he’d met (he’d been there for a few months already). Yarodi took me in a taught me! That, to me, was the best teacher I ever could’ve found. So in essence, I did find the teacher I was looking for.

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