Trio Bembe on the Farm

Trio Bembe brings Latin music to Lowe Farm, Manitoba

Last summer, we headed out to Lowe Farm, Manitoba, to play at Farm Fest. We were a little dubious at first, wondering if we’d be playing with the chickens and the cows, and where in the world is Lowe Farm? But when we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised with a hot meal, homemade apple pie, and a warm group of people crowding the stage. As we played our set, we thought this must’ve been how the Winnipeg Folk Festival started – a good group of people hanging out, enjoying tasty food and great music.

Back to Winnipeg for our second gig of the night

As you can imagine, this was our first time to Lowe Farm, and we had to make it back to Winnipeg for our second gig of the night. We thought we’d have just enough time to get back to the city, but as we were driving back, we realized how much we’d have to speed if we wanted to arrive on time. (And being good, law-abiding citizens, we didn’t want to speed…much.) We booked it back and barely arrived on time to shake it up at our second gig that evening. And all night, Rodrigo kept scheming about how he could get more of that delicious apple pie…

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