Rodrigo on his first music video

Trio Bembe films music video in the park

So here I am, sitting in the park with my black and white shoes, which I call ‘patrullas’ (which means patrol cars – you know the black and white cars?). I’m dressed in a suit with a tie – the whole nine yards. And sitting beside me is my good friend and colleague, Amber Epp, dressed as an explorer, with a pith hat and all.

Rodrigo has some strange music video props

We’re sitting here – it’s a beautiful day. There’s a bunch of kids taking grad pictures here at the park. People go by and they wonder…what a strange sight… Our props include a giant chicken leg, binoculars, and a soccer ball. We’re waiting for our videographer, Claudio, who’s going to shoot this section of the music video that we’re making with Trio Bembe.

Rodrigo’s very first music video

Believe it or not, this is my first music video. I’ve never done a music video, so I’m very excited. And I don’t think Amber has made a music video either – she says she’s excited too. She’s busy putting on dark makeup because her skin is so white – and not just on her face – her legs and arms too! If Amber doesn’t do this, she appears to be glowing on screen (can anyone say Gringo?)

Trio Bembe’s “Yuma” video

We’re listening to “Yuma” one more time, which is the Trio Bembe song we’re making the video for. We’ve had a lot of fun putting our props together for this.

It looks like our videographer is arriving, so it’s time to put on the rest of my costume and get to work.

Rodrigo and his wife made the chicken leg out of paper mâché. You might see that leg again if you’re the object of a Trio Bembe practical joke. More photos here.

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