Trio Bembe’s Outdoor Music Lover’s Guide

Tonight we’re kicking off the Winnipeg Jazz Festival at Old Market Square, so we’d thought we’d offer a few tips of how to get the most of our your evening with our Outdoor Music Lover’s Guide:

Bike to the show

Hate finding parking? We do, too. Trio Bembe has a biking-is-better mandate – one of us usually bikes to the gig (Scott Senior is a bike nut!). The Winnipeg Jazz Festival has extra bike racks set up for you at the park.

Stake it or shake it!

If you want the best view, leave your lawn chair at home and dance in the front! You can sing along, show us your moves, and be part of the party! Bring a group of friends and have a dance-off! If you’d rather just listen, come early and stake out your spot with the brightest lawn chair you can find. Tie balloons to your chair so your friends and family know where to find you.

Buy the band a treat

We’d love to talk to you while signing CDs after the show. We’d love to chat even more if you bring us mini-donuts! (Amber even has a bucket.)


Take photos of the band

We love it when fans send us photos. We want to know where you saw Trio Bembe and why you loved the show. If we like your photo, we might even put it up on our website in the Photos section.


Items to Remember

1. Binoculars: to get a better look at the band, and also to stare at the guy behind you who won’t stop talking while you’re trying to listen.

2. Mini-donut bucket: you get a discount with the bucket!

3. Bug spray: Here in Manitoba, there’s no avoiding the mosquitos – don’t let them spoil your night.

4. Money to buy a new CD of your favorite artist.

5. ID for the drinks tent.

6. Your homemade maracas to play along!

Don’t forget…

…to come say hi after the show. We’d love to chat with you and sign your CD.

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Hasta pronto,

Amber, Rodrigo, and Scott


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