Amber at the Sydney Opera House

Amber’s big trip to Australia

When I was 17, I spent a year in Australia with my family. We traveled all over the country (after all, we were only there a year, and we had to see all the beaches!); one of my favorite trips was to the Sydney Opera House. Now, I’m not a huge opera fan, but I did grow up singing a lot of songs from big theatrical productions (like “The Lonely Goatherder” from the Sound of Music – that’s a whole separate post!). I could not pass up the opportunity to go to one of the most famous opera houses in the world!

Touring the Sydney Opera House

My mom and I took a tour of the famous building – the last time the SOH was decorated was in the 70s, so the seats in the auditoriums are hot pink and bright orange! When we entered the opera auditorium, our guide asked if anyone wanted to sing to try out the acoustics. My mom grabbed my hand and shot it in the air – “Oh! Oh! my daughter does! She wants to sing!” Not left any choice after the group’s expectant faces, I sang a few lines of “O Canada”, and the room sounded great!

Amber and The Magic Flute

Later that evening, my mom took me to see an opera – The Magic Flute. I was excited, because this was the only opera that I am even slightly familiar with, thanks to a kid’s version I listened to on cassette growing up. But we ran into a few problems: while I could get in for the cheap student price of $40, the only adult tickets left were in the most expensive section of the theatre at $220! (Thanks for the grad gift, Mom.) Next, the employees of the Sydney Opera House decided to go on strike – the doors were shut, and all the opera-goers had to wait around to see if an agreement could be made and we could see our opera. We finally got to our seats, and the opera started. The Magic Flute by Mozart is sung in German, and we just about died laughing when the main tenor came out – he was Asian! It was hilarious for us to see an Asian man singing German opera. I guess that’s just about as funny as a Mennonite dancing salsa...

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