How you can send Trio Bembe to the Yukon

Northward bound!

We’re very excited to announce that we’re officially part of the Western Canadian Music Awards BreakOut West Festival in Whitehorse, Yukon this October. We’re hopping on a plane at the end of October for 4 days in the beautiful mountains up north! It’s a dream come true for us to attend the awards, with the added bonus of visiting one of Canada’s most beautiful locations. Here’s how you can help us get there:

Join the Song of the Month Club

We post a ‘live’ song every month on our website, which you can download for $1/mo. Sometimes the songs are from concerts. Other times from rehearsals (hear someone laughing in the background as all the music falls on the floor). Another time it could be while we’re in  the car on the road. This  month’s song is called Whitehorse, Land of the Midnight Sun. We wrote it to the tune of “El cuarto de Tula”, a famous Cuban standard, but changed the words to fit with our Yukon quest. You can see a video of the song, along with the lyrics on YouTube.

Come to our show

Send us off to the Yukon by joining us for a show at Aqua Books on Friday, October 14. All the proceeds will go towards our flights to the Yukon (anything extra goes towards dog sledding!). Book a reservation in the delicious Eat! Bistro, and get first dibs on seats for the show. Aqua Books will be closing its doors soon after this performance, so come say goodbye to a great arts venue and your friendly neighborhood Latin trio.

Stay connected with Trio Bembe

Join our newsletter, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.  We’ll be posting updates and photos while we’re in the Yukon. And invite your friends when you come to see us.  We love to chat with fellow music lovers after the show, so stick around and share your stories. We also like to see photos that our fans have taken of the group – and if we like your photo, we’ll put it up on our website!

Now, it’s time to start writing a song about waiting in an airport…

Trio Bembe visits the Yukon Oct 20-24. Join their newsletter to stay in the loop.

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