Lazy Sunday Afternoon @ St Norbert Arts Centre

St Norbert Arts Centre

A patio next to a butterfly garden. The ripple of water and fresh prairie air. A sense of peace and excitement. These are experienced at the St Norbert Arts Centre, just south of Winnipeg’s perimeter, and well worth the drive.

Latin music and dance

An intimate little patio with the river and its giant trees as the backdrop provide the perfect environment for Latin music. We’re spicing up the lazy Sunday afternoon by inviting Nicole Briones to teach some Brazilian and Cuban dance moves before we start the show. You’ll be ready to dance to your heart’s content when we pick up our instruments. And if you choose to laze around like you’re on a vacation in a tropical country, that’s fine, too!

Best fries in Winnipeg!

The Ground Roots Café features delectable dishes from our favorite chefs, Audrey and Jaime. (We recommend the fries – the best we’ve had in Winnipeg!) Every time we’re at SNAC, Jaime comes out with a bottle of wine which he ensures will be our favorite – and he’s always right! Plus the large patch of dirt right beside the café makes it obvious that your salad literally just came from the garden!

We hope you’ll join us for what’s more like a family gathering than a concert. We’d love to chat and could be convinced to stick around for a nice bottle of wine

Nicole Briones Dance Class: 2:00 PM

Trio Bembe Performance: 3:30 PM

For directions and more on the St Norbert Arts Centre, click here.

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