National Treasure – Riding Mountain National Park

Trio Bembe heads to the prairie mountains

This Saturday, we’re heading west to beautiful Riding Mountain National Park. We’re opening for country band Emerson Stone at a big outdoor concert at Clear Lake. (We raised an eyebrow, too, when they suggested putting Latin music and country together, but hey, why not?) We’re hoping to see people line dancing to a cha-cha-chá!

Animals in the park

The Riding Mountain National Park website says that the Manitoba Escarpment is home to wolves, moose, elk, black bears, hundreds of bird species and even a captive bison herd. We hope we don’t run into anything that will want to eat us!

Harvest Sun Music Festival

On Sunday, we’ll take a short drive over to the Harvest Sun Music Festival in Kelwood, where we’ll be playing in the afternoon, along with other great Manitoba artists like Keri Latimer, The Dust Poets, and Chic Gamine. This is a fantastic little festival with a home-grown-we’re-all-a-big-family feel. Plus, we’re looking forward to eating some spicy Jamaican food!

What’s up for Trio Bembe in the fall?

Well, we’re not heading back to school, but we are planning a trip to the Yukon!  Keep your eyes open for notices about a few special performances and how you can help send us to the Western Canadian Music Awards. (Read all about the awards here.) Rodrigo might even make muffins!


Hasta la próxima,

Amber, Rodrigo, y Scott

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