Scott’s New York Surprise

Scott Senior in New York City

New York is another place that I’ve been to a few times. I’ve never really “studied” there, but have some well-known musician friends that live there, and once in a while a hang-out would turn into a little bit of a lesson. So I guess you could say I’ve studied with some pretty amazing people in NYC.

Brazilians and Central Park, New York

This one time, I’ll never forget, I was on tour with a band and we were in NYC and we were playing in Central Park, which was a huge, huge deal. It was great, the weather was perfect. A Brazilian friend of mine, who I’d called earlier to let him know I was in town, was at the park. He’s a very well known drum kit player and he came up to me after the show and said “Wow, Scott, that was great playing! You sound Brazilian!” He was all proud and stuff like this, and  asked me what I was doing in the night time. I said “Well, I got nothing to do.”  He said “You gotta go to this place called the Zinc Bar and see my friend Wanderlei – he’s playing drums with this Brazilian piano player – it’s great.” I said “OK”. He said “I’ll call him and tell him that you’ll show up.”

Amazing drummer at the Zinc Bar in New York

So I ended up going to the Zinc Bar that night, and sure enough, there was a great group playing. After the show I went to talk to the drummer. I was just amazed by this drummer, because everybody was reading charts (music), except the drummer. And the drummer was nailing every change, every tempo, every shot imaginable. He just had amazing technique. After I lifted my jaw off the floor to go and talk to this guy at the end, I said “Hey I’m Scott”. He resonds ”Hey, you’re the guy from Canada. I heard about you.” At that moment I was feeling pretty tall. But for some reason, I’m talking to Wanderlei, and he’s not looking at me. I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t looking at me. I kept praising him on his drum technique and brush work, and they guy’s still not looking at me. Am I offending this guy or what? He gets up, and he grabs his walking stick. Turns out the guy was completely blind! His wife helps him bring his drums in, the band helps him set up. It was pretty phenomenal to watch this guy not miss a single beat all night.

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