How to make a music video

Trio Bembe gives you the know-how on making a music video

We just released our first video on YouTube!

It was our first time making a music video, so here is our guide for how to do it right!

1. Pick the song (it should be your own!). Make sure it’s a song you really love, because you’ll be hearing it a lot! We picked our Trio Bembe original, “Yuma”.

2. Find a friend with a good camera. Entice them to shoot your video with promises of free food and whatever else they want.

3. Make a lunch / brainstorming date. Come up with some crazy ideas and figure out how to make it work. Don’t take yourself too seriously. The more people interested in the project that have creative ideas and can actually help, the better.
4. Find costumes – this is a very good reason to start planning in advance, because some costumes are hard to come by – you might even have to make them, or make an emergency trip to the Steinbach MCC Thrift store! You can also borrow items from friends and ask people on Facebook if they have what you need. Dumpster diving in Wolseley is another option (not for the faint of heart).
5. Go scouting – have a couple of ideas (and backup plans) of where to shoot your video. We did ours at Assiniboine Park, a house, and used a green screen.
6. Use props – you don’t need much – just enough to make your scene come alive. We had a paper mache’d chicken leg!

7. Do the filming – get everyone together and get to work! Bring snacks (or if you’re using food as props, do those scenes first, and then eat the props!).  Ex: Use shaving cream instead of ice cream – then you can eat the ice cream you brought after. Bring drinks for the camera man (for afterwards, of course).

8. Makeup: wear lots of it! And have a good makeup remover – especially if your skin is so white it glows on the silver screen.

9. Editing – get a friend (who knows what they’re doing!) to take all of the footage and edit it to fit with the song.  This can take anywhere from 2 – 1002 days, depending on the competency and/or willingness of your friend. (Your friend may want to buy a new Mac just so they can edit the video.) Don’t tell your friend what to do – just let them work their magic.
10. Preview – show the movie to a few friends – fix up any parts that stand out.

11. Upload – post your video on YouTube to share your video with the world! Let people know it’s out there by posting a link in Facebook and Twitter.
12. Recycle & reuse – don’t wait until Halloween! Wear your costumes to the next party or big event you go to. We’ll definitely dedicate a song to you if you wear your costume to one of our gigs!

13. Have a wrap-up party – invite everyone who was even remotely involved, make them dinner, watch the video, and celebrate!

Here’s our video. Let us know how yours turns out.

Trio Bembe got some funny looks while filming the music video in Assiniboine Park.

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