Trio Bembe’s third day in Whitehorse

Trio Bembe’s early morning

We started the day off early with a sound check at 9 am – which is quite a feat for musicians! We played at the Western Canadian Industry Awards, which recognizes excellence in the music industry field. We were beaming with pride, because 8 of the 9 awards went to Winnipeggers! We helped celebrate by playing a few of our fast-paced Latin tunes following the awards.

Amber’s afternoon surprise

Amber had a bit of a shock when she thought her purse got stolen. After searching all over the hotel, calling the police, and cancelling all the credit cards, a woman walked up to Amber and handed her her purse! Her bandmate, who only has 10% vision in his eyes, took the purse by accident, and she brought it back as soon as she realized it. And so Amber’s faith was restored in the goodness of Whitehorse folks!

Jamming at the hotel

We had a bit of free time in the afternoon, so we jammed at the hotel. Our good friend Ruth Moody took a photo for us:

Trio Bembe’s final Latin performance in Whitehorse

Our last performance was at the Whitehorse Visitor Information Centre. They have a 120-seat theatre, which was full to capacity. Our energetic Latin music was extremely well-received, and we even received a standing ovation! Many people asked us if we would come back to the Yukon, and one industry professional from the USA said “This is one of the most incredible acoustic groups I’ve heard in a while. Pure fire!”

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Hasta pronto,

Amber, Rodrigo, y Scott


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