Recipe for a perfect house concert

Trio Bembe loves house concerts

A fan recently asked us where our favorite place to play was. We quickly responded with “house concerts“! We think they’re the best thing since sliced bread, and here’s our recipe for a perfect house concert:

1. Look at your “house concert” space

You’ll need room for at least 20 people to sit and/or dance (whichever your guests like more!). Couches, pillows, mats, folding chairs, piano benches, cajón, blankets, rugs – anything will do, really. For the dancing-inclined, you just need a floor without obstructions (like that paper machê project from Grade 3 that you still have kickin’ around).

2. Contact your favorite Latin musicians

Latinos really do know how to party, and Trio Bembe brings the fiesta to your place. Send us a messasge to get the party rolling.

3. Pick a date

Think about the friends you love hanging with and when you usually go out with them. Fridays and Saturdays are usually a good bet, but you might have a Tuesday night supper club that would love to spice things up a little.

4. Invite your friends

Tell your buddies about the show! It’s great to have at least 20 people there – go for filling up your space!

5. The spread

A great party has great food. If you love to cook and host, this is perfect for you. If not, it’s ok – just ask your guests to bring snacks and drinks, and you’re ready to go!


6. Practice your dance moves

Not a requirement, but we know for a fact that you’ll enjoy yourself more if you shake it a little bit! We can even teach you a step or two.

Amber, Rodrigo, and Scott like to practice their moves with an Xbox.

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