A Trio Bembe Rehearsal

We’ve got a big Latin Showcase coming up in the new year, so we decided to have a “new song” rehearsal. Of course, we still love our favorite songs, like “¿Dónde estabas tú?”, “Tres golpes”, and “Yuma”, but we’re going to introduce some new tunes to the mix. 

Step One: Arrive with your instruments

Rodrigo is usually carrying his guitar around with him, and he’s always ready to play. Amber has it easy because she sings (though all those little hand percussion instruments tend to accumulate). Scott has 5-6 cajones (boxes), so he has to pick which one is best for the new songs.


Step Two: Invite some friends

We don’t mind if family, friends, or pets are around for a rehearsal. In fact, they might add something you never expected. For some reason, Scott’s dog Coco can’t get close enough to the cajón.

Step Three: Go over your new song

Amber wrote a new song called “La fiesta accidental” (The Accidental Party). Based on a true story, the song is about Trio Bembe getting a call to play for someone’s party. They arrive at the house and play all night long, only to be informed at the end that they were at the wrong house. They frantically search up and down the street for the right house, and when they find it, the hosts are a little upset that the band is so late, but hey, you’ve got to party, so come on in…

Step Four: Play a really fast Latin beat

We tried an experiment where we played a bolero (slow Latin ballad) over a fast conga beat. Rodrigo and Scott both play cajón for this number, and you can watch a YouTube snippit on our video page.


Step Five: Finish with a smile

We’re always happy after playing a lot of Latin music. Rehearsals are that much more fun when they’re with your very good friends.

You can hear our new tunes on Sunday, January 8, when we present our first Latin Music Showcase with Mariachi Ghost and Rastamils. We’re kicking off a new series of Latin music every Sunday at Juss Jazz.

Merry Christmas, and we’ll see you in the new year!

Click here to see a picture of Rodrigo kissing the quijada (donkey jaw).

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