Trio Bembe’s Juss Jazz Review

We’ve had a few opportunities to play and listen to music at Juss Jazz over the past couple of months, so here is our official review of Winnipeg’s newest music venue.

Friendly to Musicians

The first sign of a great venue is that they’re friendly to musicians (we think so anyway!). You’ll find musicians knocking down doors to play in a venue where the owner and staff respect and get along with the musicians that play there. Sean Sam, the director of Juss Jazz, is extremely friendly and makes you feel welcome the minute you step into his club.

The Atmosphere

Sometimes you walk into a place and there’s a vibe already there. If it’s a bad vibe, you might just walk straight out, but if it’s a good vibe (like the one at Juss Jazz), you’ll want to relish in it for as long as possible. We like the relaxed environment, complete with comfy chairs and footage of jazz musicians playing on the screens around the club. The stage is at the front of the lounge – the first thing you experience when you walk in is Winnipeg‘s amazing live music!

The Food

We hear Juss Jazz has the best roti in Winnipeg! We’ve seen many patrons downing this delicious dish. Have a look at their menuAmber wants to try beef patties to remind her of last year’s trip to Jamaica!

The Fans

Our fans say “yes” and “more please!” to Juss Jazz. We’ve played a few informal Latin shows at the club for salsa and tango dancers, and they love it! A few chairs are pushed aside to make room for dancers, but there are still plenty of seats for those who just want to sit down with a drink and take it all in.

Join Trio Bembe at Juss Jazz

Juss Jazz is introducing a Latin Night in the new year. Trio Bembe kicks it off with our first Latin Music Showcase. We’ll be featuring our friends the Mariachi Ghost (Mexican Folk) and welcoming reggae newcomers Rastamils, and throwing everyone together at the end (think Winnipeg Folk Fest Workshop!). We’ll be playing some new tunes at the showcase, like this one in our recent YouTube clip. We’ll see you at Juss Jazz in the new year!

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  • G Roberts

    They dont make the food- it is ordered in and staffs who dont have food handling license put the food on plates warm it up in a microwave and thats what you are being serve. .. walk around the corner and ask the question