Things you won’t learn from Google Translate

Tacos and golf

The next time you go to see Trio Bembe, you’ll hear songs in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. It’s funny how some words sound really similar and some are VERY different!

In English and Spanish, tacos are, well, tacos. In Portuguese, tacos mean golf clubs!

Portuguese “morar” = to live, Spanish “morir” = to die

Portuguese “aspirador” (sounds like aspirator) = vacuum cleaner

Cuban Spanish: “Qué volá asere?”. Literal translation: “What’s flying, monkey?”, Slang for “What’s up?”

Brazilian Portuguese: “Legal” (pronounced “leh-gaow”) means “cool!”

Spanish “futból” (fute-bowl) and Portuguese “futebol” (foo-chee-bowl) = soccer. And please, never start an argument with a Brazilian about who’s going to win the next World Cup.

Spanish “mosca” = fly, Portguese “moça” = young girl

And our favorite: Portuguese: “Biquini fio dental” = dental string bikini!

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