Trio Bembe + Mariachi Ghost + Rastamils = Festejar

Latin Music @ Juss Jazz

Trio Bembe is joining Juss Jazz to usher in a new Latin Night on Sundays at Winnipeg’s newest music venue. We’re starting things off with a bang by inviting two Latin groups to play with us in our first ever Latin Music Showcase! (Festejar = to party)

Mariachi Ghost

Notorious for face paint, jawbones, and impassioned Mexican singing, the Mariachi Ghost is one of the funnest parties around. You may have seen them at the Winnipeg Art Gallery last October, where they played for a standing-room-only crowd during Nuit Blanche. These are the guys who are always jamming at parties on the weekend, pulling out guitars that don’t really look like guitars, charming you with their smiles.


Scott met Franklin Fernando, the leader of this Jamaican Reggae band, at a gig. We all took a look at his YouTube video and were immediately swayed. With honest vocals and laid-back guitar-playing, Franklin and Rastamils are just what we need in the middle of a busy Winnipeg winter! Help us welcome this new band to the Winnipeg Latin scene.

New Trio Bembe songs!

We’re very excited to introduce some new Latin songs at the showcase on Sunday. One of them is based on a funny experience Amber Epp had last month. “I was invited to a friend’s house for a dinner party, and got the address over the phone – 456 Giesbrecht St. On the day of the party, I headed over, found the address, noticed all the cars parked in the driveway, and walked up to the house. The party was in Steinbach, where many people still leave their doors unlocked, so I walked in, took off my shoes, and headed up the stairs. The family greeted me, and I asked where the guest of honor was. ‘Who?’, they asked. ‘There’s no one here by that name.’ I walked into the wrong house! I had to borrow their phone to find the right address – 466 Giesbrecht!” So we adapted Amber’s story to fit Trio Bembe – we get hired to play at someone’s party, and go to the wrong house. At the end of the night, the hosts tell us “Thanks for coming, but you’re not getting paid!”

Hear more funny stories at Trio Bembe’s Latin Music Showcase on Sunday, Jan 8, 8 pm. All the details on the gig section of the website.

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