Five things to do in Steinbach

Trio Bembe is heading off to Amber’s hometown of Steinbach this Friday for a concert (care to place a bet on whether we can get the Mennonites to dance?) Here’s five things we love doing in Steinbach:

1. Play some music! Mennonites are very musical, and we’re betting some of them will sing along to our Latin show.

2. Visit the Mennonite Heritage Museum and hang out with the animals.

3. Invite yourself to a relative’s house (you’re never far from one in Mennonite circles!) and eat a heaping plate full of perogies, farmer sausage, and fresh apple pie for desert.

4. Hang out with the locals and get your car souped up. You could have the deer for supper with your perogies. (*This car belongs to the Epp family!*)

5. Go to the MCC Thrift Store! We make it a point to stop here on every trip. (It also helps that Amber’s mom volunteers there and helps us find all kinds of funny things!)

See you on Friday Steinbach!

Amber Epp grew up in Steinbach, and used to slide down Abe’s Hill on cardboard boxes.

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  • Kneil

    what about those cottage cheese empanadas?