Five things to know about Don Amero

Don Amero is a familiar face in Winnipeg, charming audiences with his beautiful songs and honest guitar playing.  We’re inviting Don to play with us on April 1st at Juss Jazz (no joke!). How did this come about anyway?

We got to know Don a bit in the Yukon last fall at the Western Canadian Music Awards (where he walked away with the Best Aboriginal Recording Award). We talked about how fun it would be to play some music together, so now we’re finally doing it. Winnipeg has a proud history of throwing artists together to see what happens – always with spectacular results! Here are five things you should know about Don Amero:

1. In 2007, Don walked off his job as a hardwood flooring installer to go into music full-time. We’re sure glad he did!

2. Don is the unofficial winner of the James Brown Hardest Working Musician Award!

3. He has a new video up on YouTube.

4. Don has a secret wish to learn to play the maracas. (Ok, we just made that up – but who wouldn’t want to play the maracas?!)

5. Don just became a dad! You can see a little video of him with his son, Oscar Peter Amero, on his website,

Mark April 1 down in your calendars – sparks are going to fly!

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