How to get into a concert for free (legally!)

We all love going to see music for free. Here are some ways you can get into a concert for free (legally), and the musicians will love you for it!

1. Bring the musicians some food! We’ll take cookies, smoothies, complete 5-course meals, you name it. You supply the food, we supply the after-dinner entertainment.

2. Be a roadie. Carry that big heavy amp you see Rodrigo carrying around, that conga Scott is toting, or those 20 hand percussion instruments Amber has to bring everywhere she goes (kind of like a parent with their kids’ toys).

3. Put up posters. Ask the band if they need help putting up posters for their next big show. Put them up in your neighborhood and around your workplace, and ca-ching, you got your ticket in.

4. Volunteer at the concert. Do they need a doorman? An usher? Someone to sell merchandise? An announcer? A bouncer? Someone to start the dancing? If you have a specialty, the band can use it.

5. Talk about the band a lot to your friends. If the band keeps hearing that fans are coming to shows because you keep sending them all there, the band will love you! (And maybe even buy you a drink!)

**NB Trio Bembe does not guarantee that you will get into a show for free. However, we will eat your baked goods.

Find out when you can bring your cookies to Trio Bembe.

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  • Fawn

    But how can anyone compete with Amber’s cookies (with secret ingredient)? Better stick to postering, I think. 🙂

    (Great list!)

  • DaddysGirl Jade Brown

    Do u think it would work for 1D?The boyband with harry , louis, zayn, niall, and liam?