Amber Epp interviews Rambling Dan Frechette

We were rehearsing with Dan Frechette for our Latin Blues show coming up this Saturday at the Bella Vista. He was telling us about some of his travels across the world as a wandering bluesman. Here are a few of Dan’s tales…


1. Where have you traveled recently? What did you do there? What was a highlight?

I’ve recently traveled to the great Kootenay mountains in B.C.  Met some terrific people there and played some gigs where they wouldn’t let me stop.  Just being there was a highlight in itself.


2. Have you ever traveled to a warm, tropical country. What did you think?
The closest I’ve been to a tropical country was L.A in 1998 where I saw palm trees for the first time.  I was recording a demo for Columbia Records with Shel Talmy producing.  Tommy Eyre on Keyboards and Scarlet Rivera on Violin.  It was an amazing time.


3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, just you and your guitar, where would you go?
I’d say it would be a toss up between anywhere in Cuba or New Zealand.  I also like the idea of going to the Kalalau Trail in Kauai – my friend Maria Mango went there and was quite inspired.


4. What’s the craziest travel experience you’ve ever had?

Funny thing happened to me in Dublin, Ireland boarding the plane to Edinburgh a few years ago.  I had to take Ryan Air – and it’s super cheap – but the problem is they have so many luggage restrictions I had to literally wear all the clothes on that were in my backpack to board the plane.  I was wearing 4 shirts, two panchos, three pairs of pants, two belts, pockets full of socks and underwear, and a coat!

You can see Rambling Dan Frechette in his airplane clothes with Trio Bembe as his carry-on at the Bella Vista this Saturday, May 19, starting at 10 pm. More info on the GIGS page.

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