What do musicians do all day anyway?

Fans are used to seeing musicians play at night, and a lot of people ask us what we do all day. Contrary to popular belief, we’re not sleeping until noon, lounging at coffee shops, begging supper off Mom, and barely making it to the gig on time. (Though we won’t deny that musicians do that sometimes).

There’s a lot to be done for a professional, full-time musician. We’re the owner of our own business, so there’s much to be done.

1. Practice. A lot. If we want to keep playing for a living, we’ve got to practice so that we’re the best at what we do

2. Write music. Most musicians write and arrange music. We love covers, but we want to bring something new to the table, too. Some musicians wake up in the morning with a song fully formed in their head. Some sit for hours at their instrument working out a song.  Some write a little every day (to keep the creative juices flowing). We love to hear that you like our new songs, so let us know!

3. Rehearse. Bands don’t get good by lounging in coffee shops. We get together regularly to rehearse new material (like that new song we just wrote), run over our current list of tunes, and maybe write something together. We probably have one of the only jobs where it’s acceptable (and even encouraged) to have a beer while we work!

4. Hustle up some work. In the beginning, we have to do a lot to find places to perform, make a living, get our name out. Then once we’re well-known in our own city, we’ve got to hustle up some work in some new places (start touring). So if you have friends in another city, get them hip to the local music that you like.

5. Fan connection. You know that website with the cool features and the awesome videos? Someone had to put that together. Those pictures from the tour, and write-ups about a musician’s life? Someone had to post that. The newsletter and the gig calendar? Someone updates that. It’s US, the musicians (with help from our fellow artists – visual, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, etc).

6. Business stuff. Contracts, bank accounts, marketing, merchandise, just keeping track of the books, etc. This is usually the musician’s least favorite job, which is why we save it until last!

We could go on, but we’ve been putting off those business calls, have a song to finish writing, and there’s a gig in a couple of hours…

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