Touring Checklist

Trio Bembe heads out next Tuesday for our first tour! We came up with a checklist of things we think we’ll probably need for the long drive out West:

1. A cooler to store all of our snacks.

2. Very mysterious audio books to keep us in so much suspense we couldn’t possibly fall asleep while driving the 9 hours from Winnipeg to Saskatoon.

3. Paper maps of Saskatchewan and Alberta just in case the iPhones don’t work (however improbable that is).

4. Salsa dancing shoes – we’re playing at Expo Latino in Calgary, and it just so happens that world-famous salsa/timba band, Charanga Habanera will be there as well. Do I smell a jam session?

5. Laundry detergent – with all the instruments, amplifiers, and equipment packed into one car, we’re taking the bare minimum in clothes. We figure we’ll get to know some locals in the laundromats.

6. Video camera – to take footage of the great things we see or the funny things we do after 10 days on the road!

7. Empanada recipe. Who knows, we might make empanadas for one of our gracious hosts. (Rodrigo has a great recipe from his mom.)

8. Guitar strings – they always snap at the most inopportune time!

9. Hiking shoes – we’re playing in Waterton Lake National Park, where they have mountains and canyons. We’re going exploring! (Amber’s mom even gave her special walking poles, though we doubt they’ll make it in the car.)

10. iPods full of great music – the rule is that the driver gets to choose the music!

We’ll be posting photos and blogs about our touring adventures every couple of days, so check back to see what we’re up to. Here’s a list of all the cities we’re traveling to.

You can help send us off this Monday at our Big Backyard Kick-Off Party. Hope to see you there!

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