Trio Bembe – Into the Rockies

We’re on the second leg of our journey, and are writing to you from the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Alberta. This past weekend, we played at Expo Latino in Calgary and had a fabulous time! We played a few shows, and saw a great merengue band from Puerto Rico. We also enjoyed delicious lomo saltado (Peruvian food), as all the vendors were selling Latin meals!

After a little visit with Amber’s extended family in Alberta, it was off to Waterton Lakes National Park, where we played on Monday. First thing on the list was to charm the park officers, so we went straight to the visitor centre, where the guys sang our new friend a romantic Spanish bolero.

We went on a little hike after our serenading, up the Bear’s Hump trail. It was quite a steep hike, but we made it, and there was a terrific view of the mountains, the town, and lakes from the top. Maybe it’s because we’re from the Prairies, but we really felt like we’d accomplished something once we reached the summit.

In the afternoon, we explored the city, and brought a few instruments with us to prepare the townfolk for the concert in the evening. We even played right beside a glacier lake! Click here to view a video of us teaching the doorman how to introduce a Latin music concert in Waterton.

Today we’re off to Medicine Hat. Visit the ON THE ROAD section of our photos to see more pics from the tour!

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