Trio Bembe Northern BC Tour Update

3 musicians + 3 provinces + 1 car + 16 concerts + 8000 kms = Trio Bembe Northern BC House Concert Tour. Here are some of our highlights:

The best part of this tour is that the three of us are great friends – who better to spend three weeks with on the road right? Even if we did get upset at each other, we don’t have any any hair to pull out either! The boys nicknamed me “Road Mama” on the tour.


Amber got to go kayaking on a lake near Prince Rupert, BC. Thanks to a friendly house concert host, who was ready to go 30 minutes after Amber called and said “Hey, I’m in Rupert. Can you take me kayaking?” We met so many friendly people on the tour, who loved to share their passions with us.

Prince Rupert, BC, was our favorite town to visit. The town is literally on the Pacific Coast, the fish is fresh, and Cow Bay, where this photo was taken, is a beautiful place to sit by the water and take in the view.

Our daily routine was the following: get up, have breakfast with hosts, pack up the car, drive several hours to next town, meet new hosts, unload the car, set up for the concert, have dinner with hosts, play concert, party, go to bed. One day our routine was (fortunately) interrupted by a roadside bannock stand.

Here’s a typical scene from the house concerts we did. The hosts generally had a pretty big living room, which they filled with their family and friends who love live music. We would set up in a corner, and play for a couple hours to very welcoming audiences of 20-45 people. Staying the night with our hosts gave us an appreciation for the concept of a “guest room”.

One of the best parts of the tour was the beautiful scenery. We drove through Jasper National Park twice during our tour, with magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains. Amber can’t wait to go back one summer to do some hiking.

One concert was hosted in a rather unconventional location – a comic book store in Grand Prairie, AB. Victor stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading comics, and played a game of chess with the owner the following afternoon. Good cheer all around!

We had a group hair therapy session, which we called “Trio Bembexperiments”. Victor wasn’t too happy with the mohawk we gave him – it wasn’t straight enough. So he shaved it off (besides, a shaved head is practically our band uniform).

Just another day at the office!

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